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Friday, June 2, 2023

Schools are brainwashing our children

To the Editor:

I was appalled when I read the letter from Jessica Beam in regards to her son being told in class to write about what kind of hell they would create and 9 people they would judge to send there and exactly what their punishment would be.

Our children are being brainwashed in these schools where apparently there are little to no guidelines on how or what to teach. You have transgenders coming in entertaining the kids and reading to them and even dancing for them, teaching them to ‘twerk’. What kind of education is being taught here? Is it any wonder that many third-world countries’ educational systems are far superior to ours here in the states?

In Jessica’s son’s experience, creating their hell for people they are judging, are we not teaching them to not only judge others but to also show and imagine their hatred for others that they do not agree with? Later on in life, will this encourage the child to physically react to those he or she does not agree with or like?

With so many hate crimes, bullying, shootings, and severe lack of discipline, is it any wonder that our children are behaving the way that they are today?

Many parents no longer bother to discipline their child when they do wrong. This tells the child that there will be no repercussions for any wrongdoings. No morals are being taught in the home or the school, and many children and families are no longer even attending a Christ-orientated Church that teaches the Bible.

Our country was founded on Christian principals and looking back, we didn’t experience the violence from our children that you are seeing today. You didn’t have to worry about hoards of people charging into a store, busting up windows to get in, and freely helping themselves to merchandise that they were not paying for nor deserved. They used to teach you to respect others, especially your elderly people, not assault them like you hear of so much today. You didn’t worry about hundreds of people or kids that were vandalizing or burning down your building in a fit of anger because they didn’t get their way.

Where does it stop? When, if ever, will there once again be strict guidelines on teachers and schools? When, if ever, will families finally take the responsibility to teach and correct their children that they brought into this world, which is their responsibility? When will families start trying to teach their child morals and proper ways to act in order to make sure they survive and have a decent life once the parents are not around anymore? Our prisons are overloaded with gang members that have no morals nor care about other humans. And parents seem to be too busy or just do not care any longer what their children are exposed to in school, TV, movies, or even books being read.

God has been removed from schools and no longer allowed. We, the residents of this country, have allowed God to be removed from the public view in many public places. We, the people, have allowed the destruction of our history and beliefs because it may offend someone. Why are we catering to these demands? History was made – learn from it, don’t destroy it. Otherwise, history will be repeated again and again.

It is good to see that Jessica is a good parent and paying attention to what her son is doing and that her son has been taught properly to inform his parents when something does not look or sound right. It is just wrong to teach others to hate and judge.

Susan Smith
Fort McCoy resident