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Ocala restaurant closes for 9th time since 2022 due to roaches

A Chinese restaurant that failed four consecutive health inspections last August due to rodent and roach activity was forced to close again last week after failing another four consecutive health inspections.

Wok 'N Roll in Ocala (Photo July 11, 2021)
Wok ‘N Roll in Ocala (Photo: July 11, 2021)

Wok ‘N Roll was closed from Tuesday, February 27, to Friday, March 1, after the restaurant failed four health inspections conducted by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

According to a report from the department, during the first visit on February 27, the restaurant was cited for 25 health code violations, including 8 considered high priority.

Among the violations cited in the initial report was the presence of roaches, as evidenced by at least 12 live roaches found behind a reach-in cooler.

Additionally, live roaches were found on the cook line and behind various shelves and sinks.

Multiple employees at the restaurant were also cited for working with food before washing their hands. In one instance, an employee dropped a knife on the ground and did not sanitize it properly before storing it for future use.

During a follow-up inspection on Wednesday, February 28, the inspector cited the restaurant for another six code violations, including the presence of roach activity. The inspector found another 12 live roaches underneath a reach-in cooler on the cook line, as well as one live roach under a steam table on the cook line.

During a third inspection on Thursday, February 29, the restaurant was once again cited for six code violations, including roach activity. This time, roaches were found around reach-in cooler hinges and above a steam table.

A fourth inspection was conducted on Friday, March 1, during which the restaurant was once again cited for six more violations. As with all the other inspections, the restaurant was cited for roaches, with the inspector noting that two were observed on the floor under the reach-in coolers.

The restaurant was permitted to reopen on Friday, March 1, after a fifth inspection. State records show that a follow-up inspection is required.

Located at 303 SE 17th Street, Unit 103 in Churchill Square, Wok ‘N Roll is no stranger to health inspection failures.

Wok ‘N Roll was previously shut down from August 8 to August 11, 2023 after failing four consecutive health inspections.

During those inspections, dozens of living and dead roaches were found around the restaurant.

In April 2022, Wok ‘N Roll was forced to close for one day after a health inspector found hundreds of rodent droppings around the establishment.