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This 12-year-old made a formal wear charity to empower her peers in Dunnellon.

A 12-year-old girl who was previously crowned Little Miss Dunnellon has created a new charity to provide free formal wear to her peers.

Tink’s Boutique is the vision of young entrepreneur Audrey, who has participated in a collection of pageants for over eight years, according to her mother, Amanda.

Audrey has been competing in pageants since she was four years old.
Audrey has been competing in pageants since she was four years old. (Photo: Tink’s Boutique)

Over the years, Amanda says her daughter developed an appreciation for just how financially unviable it is to purchase formal wear on a regular basis, especially for one-time events like proms, graduations, and weddings, among life’s other occasions.

Audrey came to the realization that most families in her community would not spend hundreds of dollars on a single wardrobe item that may be used for a few hours and then never again.

Out of that realization came Tink’s Boutique.

Earlier this year, Amanda asked friends, family, and others if they would make donations to support her daughter’s cause.

Over the past several weeks, the mother and daughter have worked to make Audrey’s vision a reality, traveling to collect donations from around the area.

Audrey holding up donations for her charity, Tink's Boutique
Audrey accepts donations of dresses for any age or size. (Photo: Tink’s Boutique)

Audrey and her mother accept donations of all sizes for all ages.

In addition to providing local students with formal wear for school dances and events, Audrey has a desire to provide clothing options annually for individuals that participate in the Rainbow River Pageants, which she says had a great impact on her life.

Audrey holding up a donation
Audrey holding up a donation for her charity. (Photo: Tink’s Boutique)

If you have some formal wear that you’d like to donate to a good cause, visit Tink’s Boutique online.

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