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Monday, July 26, 2021

Ocala logistics center looking for rezoning approval to begin on 350,000 sq ft warehouse

A company is awaiting approval from the City of Ocala to rezone 4.51 acres for a new 350,000 square-foot warehouse.

Ocala Logistics 489, LLC, is hoping the Ocala Planning and Zoning Commission will make a recommendation for approval of the rezoning during their regular meeting on Monday, July 12.

The property, which is located at the 3200 block of NW 7th Avenue, was purchased in December 2020 and represents a portion of a 27.85 acre parcel. The company has plans to construct a 348,900 square foot warehouse.

Ocala Logistics seeks to build a warehouse at this location in northwest Ocala
Ocala Logistics is hoping for rezoning approval of a 4.51 acre portion of a 27.85 acre parcel in northwest Ocala

According to city records, the subject property is located in the southeast corner of the parcel and is currently without zoning. It requires a zoning designation before a site plan can be approved.

The “M-1” zoning classification applies to light industrial use and matches the rest of the parcel’s existing zone. The future land use classification on the property of “Employment Center” allows for a maximum density and intensity of 24 dwelling units per gross acre (2.00 FAR).

Whether they recommend approving or denying the rezoning, the Planning and Zoning Commission’s recommendation will be presented to Ocala City Council at its regular meeting on Tuesday, August 3, 2021. The Ocala City Council will make the ultimate decision based on, or in contrast to, the commission’s recommendation.