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Fort McCoy man arrested after being accused of battering female victim

A 31-year-old Fort McCoy man was arrested after a female victim accused him of battering her on multiple occasions.

On Thursday, May 5, a Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputy met with the female victim at an undisclosed location regarding an alleged previous battery incident. Upon arrival, the victim told the deputy that she had been battered by Brandon Dwayne Hayley.

Brandon Dwayne Hayley
Brandon Dwayne Hayley

The victim stated that the physical abuse had occurred throughout the year, and it had gotten worse during the past month. She claimed that Hayley watched her every move and would not allow her to do anything without his approval. When she failed to listen to Hayley, she stated that he would become violent.

According to the victim, there was an incident on Wednesday, April 20, that began with a verbal argument. She recalled sitting on the ground, and Hayley allegedly approached her and punched her on her left arm.

She told the deputy that she attempted to stop Hayley by grabbing onto his t-shirt, but this caused Hayley to fall on top of her. He allegedly proceeded to punch her repeatedly all over her body.

The victim advised the deputy that she had bruises behind her right ear, arm, back, and legs, along with a fresh scar on her left shoulder which was allegedly from another incident involving Hayley. The deputy observed these bruises and noted in the report that they were yellow and purple in color.

The MCSO report indicated that the victim was terrified of Hayley, and she did not immediately notify law enforcement since he had allegedly threatened to kill her if she said anything.

While the deputy was with the victim, she began receiving threatening text messages from Hayley. The messages indicated that he knew where she was and that he had a gun. The texting was “relentless,” according to the report, and the victim was fearful that Hayley was following her.

A criminal history search of Hayley revealed that he had a prior felony conviction for battery.

The deputy located Hayley and detained him in handcuffs. During a pat down search, the deputy located a small plastic baggie in his pocket that contained a small amount of a crystal-like substance.

The substance later field-tested positive for methamphetamine. Hayley denied that the bag and substance belonged to him. The MCSO report did not indicate if Hayley made any further comments regarding the victim’s allegations.

Hayley was arrested and transported to Marion County Jail where he is currently being held without bond. He is facing felony charges for battery (second or subsequent offense), aggravated stalking, and possession of a controlled substance.

A court date has not been scheduled yet, according to jail records.