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Saturday, January 7, 2023

Resident asks for increased police presence on SW 60th Avenue to catch speeders

To the Editor:

I have contacted law enforcement concerning the speeding on SW 60th Avenue. The speed limit is 45 mph, and most people in big trucks and semis feel like this is the racetrack between Highway 27 and Highway 200. Homes rattle and pictures move on walls.

I’ve clocked people doing 70 mph, and it’s a 45 mph zone. The police say they don’t have enough officers to monitor. There are accidents at the intersection, not more than 100 feet from my home. A flashing yellow light is needed since Highway 200 –  the light where all these cars are racing to get through – is about 50 more feet away.

Along with the speeders, you have the cars, trucks, and motorcycles with the tailpipes that are very loud and echo in the one-mile residential area. Once they pass this area, you can hear them let off the gas. Glad they have the gas to burn. The people who live on the block behind me cannot believe how loud the noise is from my street. It’s not my imagination or anything like that.

Like I said, I have complained to the police and they said they do not have enough officers to monitor. So apparently if you live in this area, it’s tough luck if you don’t like the noise. Move elsewhere…a sad attitude towards the city’s taxpayers.

The part that makes me mad is I’m only asking for them to monitor the one-mile residential area coming from Highway 200 towards the airport. I don’t care about the rest of SW 60th Avenue as it is businesses. After already being told ‘no’ to lowering the speed limit, I’m up for suggestions.

Kathleen Scarpati
Ocala resident