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Monday, December 11, 2023

Paddock Mall food court eatery closes again after roaches, rodent droppings found

A food court restaurant in Ocala closed again last week after a health inspector observed roach and rodent activity.

Sbarro, which is located inside the Paddock Mall at 3100 SW College Road, Suite 202-2 in Ocala, was forced to temporarily close on Thursday, November 2 after a failed inspection, according to a report filed by a health inspector with the Florida Department of Business and Profession Regulation.

Sbarro at Paddock Mall in Ocala
Sbarro is one of the food court eateries inside Paddock Mall (3100 SW College Road in Ocala)

The inspector noted in the report that a total of 14 violations were found at the eatery, including the presence of dead roaches and rodent droppings.

According to the report, two dead roaches were found on the wall near the back door. The inspector also observed approximately 20 rodent droppings on a shelf under the front counter where food is displayed.

In addition, the restaurant was cited for the following violations:

Basic violations

  • Two carbon dioxide/helium tanks were not “adequately secured” in the back kitchen area.
  • A cutting board was no longer deemed “cleanable” due to cut marks.
  • An employee’s soiled apron was observed being stored “in or above a food preparation area.”
  • Standing water was observed on the floor near the ice machine.
  • Gaskets were soiled on the reach-in table for making pizza, and food debris was observed on top of the pizza oven.
  • The back door was “cracked open,” which could lead to “vermin and/or environmental cross contamination.”
  • A wet mop was not stored in a manner to allow it to dry.

Intermediate violations

  • A mold-like substance was found around the top of the juice dispensers and on the deflector plate inside the ice machine.
  • An employee was observed rinsing cut onions in a hand washing sink in the food prep area.

High priority violations

  • An employee was observed handling sliced onions with their bare hands.
  • Trays of dough were observed sitting on top of a trash can near the pizza-making table.
  • Pizzas on the front line and near the oven incorrectly had the previous day’s time marks written on a board.

Sbarro remained closed after the initial inspection, and the health inspector returned the following morning for a second inspection. After no further violations were found, the restaurant was permitted to reopen.

In late August 2023, Sbarro was forced to temporarily shut down when a health inspector observed roaches and rodent activity.

In June 2023, Sbarro and another Paddock Mall food court eatery were temporarily closed when a health inspector spotted roaches.