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Monday, April 15, 2024

Woodworker handcrafting furniture, accessories for Ocala

A woodworker with over 30 years of experience is now handcrafting shelves, boxes, and pieces of furniture for Ocala residents.

Whiskey Otter Woodworking is one of the newest businesses to join the Ocala scene.

Desk and bench made by Whiskey Otter Woodworking
Desk and bench made by Whiskey Otter Woodworking

As its name suggests, the business sells a wide variety of handcrafted, wooden objects.

That includes charcuterie boards, door boxes, linen boxes, ladders, stools, and benches, among other items.

Door box at Whiskey Otter Woodworking

Pieces are made using a variety of different woods, from cherry to barnwood.

All products can be purchased online, through the Whiskey Otter Woodworking website.

Bookshelf box made by Whiskey Otter Woodworking

Prices for the items vary from as little as a few dollars for a soap box, to over $100 for a bench.

For more information on the business or its inventory, visit Whiskey Otter Woodworking online.

Last year, an Ocala veteran opened another woodworking business that sells wooden flag art and gun cases, among other items.