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Friday, June 14, 2024

Readers bemoan road conditions in Marion County

“I have lived in Westwood Acres for 30+ years. Years ago, traffic was at a minimum, so the dirt roads were fine. With the population boom in our area the roads have become increasingly worse, causing traffic hazards. The county comes every 6 months or so to move the dirt around but right after the first rain it’s as bad as it was. I know us property owners wouldn’t mind the roads being paved. The small raise in property tax would pail in comparison to auto repair bills that we pay from driving on those washboards. If property owners live out of area or state they should have to go along with the majority of us. We live here, they don’t. Let’s pave these roads!”Martin Marszalek, Westwood Acres 

“I’ve seen many letters to the editor about the ‘pothole situation’ in Ocala. I agree with them 100%. They’re everywhere, including on SR 200, SW 32nd Street from the turnpike all the way till SR 441. My sister recently hit one and actually blew out her tire, had the car towed and replaced her tire. Who’s in charge of this madness? I see some road work being done on Maricamp, orange cones everywhere but not much getting done. I could be wrong or mistaken.” – Louis Ferraro, Ocala

We can’t get the county to repair our county road. They want to charge us $10,000 a year for ten years to repair our road. What are we paying taxes for?” –John Marrs, Fort McCoy

“Follow the money. Greed can happen anywhere. The road money is going somewhere.” – Gary LaRue, Ocala