Belleview student facing discipline after marijuana found in his Jeep

A Belleview High School student is being disciplined internally after the school’s resource officer confirmed the presence of marijuana in his vehicle.

The resource officer, a Marion County Sheriff’s deputy, was notified by school officials that a Juul pod (an e-liquid delivery advice designed to mimic the physical and sensory experience of a cigarette) was spotted in a black Jeep parked in the parking lot. Looking through the passenger window, the officer could see a Juul pod and a Juul device in the drink console between the two front seats.

The student who owns the car was called to the parking lot, where a search of the vehicle also turned up a clear glass container that smelled strongly of marijuana. Residue in the container field tested positive for the drug.

The student was on the school administration’s radar because of a report he had provided THC Juul pods to another student. No criminal charges were pursued against the student, who will be given punishment by the school.